Monday, 2 September 2013

Movies: You’re Next (18) and Pain & Gain (15)

You’re Next – a movie about a family get together that kind of goes horribly wrong (or right depending on how you look at it). They are attacked by masked baddies who start to pick them off one by one…can they survive the night?

A good movie though I was not overly impressed…it was not as gorey and scary as expected! There were a couple of bits that made people jump but most of the time it was actually pretty funny and at points I was crying with fits of laughter. There is one amazing death scene but there’s a lot of other good ones too. It was quite predicable if you’ve watched a few horror films but its worth seeing in the cinema to get the full experience.
Pain & Gain – based on a true story that is about three body builders who decide to take up kidnapping to make some money. It’s a comedy filled with dark humour…
This movie was pretty damn long, much longer than it needed to be, don’t get me wrong it was ok but if you aren’t into this type of film then defiantly wait until it’s on DVD! It’s not something that needs to be seen in the cinema. It had a couple of bits that were really funny but most of it was meh and it just left me thinking "what the hell are people really that dumb"…though the more I think about the more amusing it was.

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