Thursday, 12 September 2013

Game: Minion Rush (Android)

Despicable Me Minion Rush, a game with minions, you take on the role of a minion and try to win your place as Minion of the Year. Run through Gru’s laboratory and collect bananas, watch out for the bombs, other minions and lots of other bits and pieces that will send you to game restart! Don’t worry though as rockets and slides are your friend! How far can you get and how many points can you get?

MINIONS yey everybody loves minions right? Don’t you want one…don’t you want to be one in their chaotic little Gru laboratory? Ok maybe not so much but this little cartoon game based on the Despicable Me movies is fun for all ages. It has the original voices from the movies too so it makes it a great little experience, it’s quite responsive too but then again it’s just a case of swiping the screen to get it the little fella to do what you want. Defiantly check it out to keep yourself occupied when you are waiting about, its free so there’s nothing wrong with it…well maybe all the adverts that pop up at the beginning and when you reset but that’s bearable where you paid nothing. Of course you can upgrade your minion if you want to pay to that is. Oh one word of warning when you download it, make sure you are in an area where you can connect through wifi as the game has to update itself to begin (big incoming file sizes)…yes and that’s twice on loading and on your first game…don’t get caught out!

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