Monday, 23 September 2013

Game: Bayonetta (PS3)

What’s it about? Well you take on the role of Bayonetta and it follows her story. She is a witch who cannot quite remember her past and is on a quest to remember what happened and who she is...along the way you advance your magical powers and battle all sorts of angelic beings and enter different realms...she's one of two defenders against forces unseen to human eyes...angels and demons!

It’s an action game that’s battles are intense, you tackle some great enemies and take them down in numerous ways…some of which are morally questionable. She has guns on her shoes and can summon a demon with her hair what isn’t there to love? I wish I was her! Even I was shocked by the language at the start (it calms down after though) and uh nudity of this game, some of which is a little…pesty…so it’s not to everyone’s tastes. It’s raised my eyebrows on a few occasions…I really can’t believe this is a 15…it probably should have been an 18. It is quite chaotic and hard at first...the game play I'm talking about the game play - get your brains out the there are lots of things bombarding you on the screen but once you get used to it, it’s easy to play and the combo moves are great. It’s a fantastic game...probably one of the most enjoyable I've played for a long long time...its easy to pick up and play, and its a whole lot of fun! Check it out and see for yourself…if you don’t mind bad language and a tad bit of pestiness!


  1. For sheer selection, this can't be beat. They had test PlayStation 2 units, Nintendo Fancom systems, the Power Glove, Sega Dreamcast stuff.... all the systems that people who lived when they were around might not have even known about. I hadn't seen some of these things in over a decade - at least. lol riot points

    1. Yeah completely awesome :D - god those were the days!