Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Music: D.o.C Presents Hell Bar Blues. (and a little bit of reasoning from me)

I said to myself I wasn’t going to back-date on this blog and go over old stuff I’ve had or seen a while back because it would take for all eternity…”you will serve us for eternity”…Wait! What? No way that’s unfair I didn’t agree to that! Well apart from the first movie list that kind of goes back but it was the original concept of this place from back when so it’s fine! Instead my plan was and is to keep it current and only write about it if I’ve just seen/heard/currently playing or re-watched/visited something…so this is technically a breaking of that code as I’ve had it since March…but it is an exception I’m going to make... and here it is…
Hell Bar Blues - though technically an EP this mini-album is the 7th instalment by the gothic-rock band Descendants of Cain. Hell Bar Blues was created and recorded by D. The album is filled with different stories and tales each told by a “nameless” band playing at the Burning Man Tavern, where else would you expect to find a group of musical demons?…in Hell of course at the Market of Souls!

This is another amazing album, D has the most awesome singing voice and well this album is pure entertainment. Some of it’s sad, some of it’s like what the hell (no pun intended) and some makes you crease up in laughter. It gets the mind boggling and is so worth a listen!

MP3 release date: March 2013, CD release date: July 2013.

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