Thursday, 19 September 2013

Movie: Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2 (DVD 12A)

What’s it about? Ok if you don’t know the story it goes something like this (if you don’t want it spoilt then don’t read on)…here is the whole Twilight saga in one paragraph… *pout pout* “oh no I’m a vampire I’m so miserable”. “Wow cute guy” *falls in love*. “I’m a vampire”. “Oh well it doesn’t matter I want to be with you and have your vampire children” *kissy kissy lovey lovey*. “We can’t be together” *mope*. “Yes we can because I love you”. “Ah the Volturi” *shocked face* (actually these guys make the whole thing…they are more like proper vampires! Some of the other vampires in the last movie are ok too). “Oh no” *pout some more*. "Meh". The End

Stop laughing? Please stop! Why won’t you stop laughing at me for the trauma I put myself through!?! Ok yep I admit it I have watched the all Twilight movies *shudders*…well they have vampires in them so I had to give them a try right? It’s in my nature! All I can say that is what about 12 hours of my life I will never get back. I wish Kain turned up and just killed them all that would have made the saga awesome! Heh If you want to watch some teenage fagpires poncing around on the screen swooning and loving over each other then watch it…if not and you want to watch proper vampires then don’t bother because you’ll be highly disappointed. Oh god I still can’t believe I put myself through that…should have skipped to the end and watched the one good bit out of all the movies…

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