Monday, 30 September 2013

TV Show: Dexter (the final season)

What’s it about? The Dexter series follows the story of Dexter Morgan who is a blood spatter analysis for the Miami police…and a serial killer on the side – but don’t worry he’s a nice one…he only kills bad people that fit Harry’s code.

Will he, won’t he? Yeah more killing – sure thing in this show! I’ve followed Dexter since it started and was hooked from the first episode…even though I’d convinced myself I wouldn’t like it before tuning in – it became one of my all time favourite shows! Dexter’s awesome – he’s great – you have to love him and what he does. The final season brings a final end to the show – yep a proper ending – and all I can say is it wasn’t what I was expecting…I did expect a few more twists – but it’s still bloody damn good…you see what I did there ha ha?! All I can say is Sunday nights will never be the same again…sad times…sad…sad times…

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