Saturday, 14 September 2013

Movie: White House Down (12A)

What’s it about? A father (Cale) and his daughter visit the White House...oh and he has an interview for the secret service at the same time...bit random. It all goes horribly wrong…well that’s not a surprise…when the White House is attacked by terrorists, who try to capture the president. Cale takes up the role of agent and tries to protect the president and get him out safely. I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it!

Well what can I say...this is a great action movie, lots of guns, explosions and fighting, if you want to watch a good bit of family action then this would be for you. I was a bit ugh before seeing it with it being the second film this year about the White House being under siege but this one was a lot more believable and a bit more than explosions for explosions sake. Though sometimes the sound effects are a bit over the top and off putting with all the aaahhhh oooohhhh aahhhhrrrr aarrggghhhh whilst Cale is jumping about, kind of would you really hear that so load with all the gun fire and explosions…loud noises! but heh. It’s got some blood but it’s like eeeeerrrrrr, there were some awesome chuckle moments in it too and a good helping of cheese! Check it out if you’re wanting to sit back and want to enjoy some destruction…things blowing up is always a good thing yay.

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