Friday, 20 September 2013

TV Show: Supernatural (Season 8)

What’s it about? Dude if you don’t know what Supernatural is where have you been…living in the depths of hell with no TV signal or something? Anyway brothers Sam and Dean are reunited after Dean’s luxury stay in purgatory…they continue their exploits to hunt and take down all of demon kind and save the world from all arrays of bad guys/girls that heaven and hell throw at them by closing the gates of hell…for good!

I really didn’t think they could come up with something that tops last season but once again the writers pull it off and add more to the in depth world of the supernatural…Sam and Dean are just well awesome as are some of their friends…and they have a LARPing episode this season which is so funny…lets hope they continue on for many more seasons to come ‘cause I’d be very sad to see them leave the goggle box!


  1. Yeah it's great - glad someone also appreciates it's greatness - and that RULES! :D