Thursday, 5 September 2013

Game: Stargate Unleashed (Android)

There are two versions of this game: the Lite version which is free (about 4 mins of gameplay) and then the full version which is not. Stargate Unleashed is an Android game where you take on the role of SG1 at the time of a Goa’uld infiltration/attack.

This is kind of like an episode but in a game woohoo! The controls are easy but at points they can be unresponsive and if you are not standing in the right place it wont let you move on and at the start with the counter to mission fail going down in the corner it sends you into a bit of a flid! Panic stations activated! With that said though for an Android game it’s good. I would have loved to see this come onto a console, mainly due to I think it’d be easier playing on a game pad but it’s the first SG game out since the soooo many cancelled ones over the years, so we should be happy we finally have something, right? The graphics are great and it has the original voice actors which is a defiant win. Check out the Lite version first if you’re a tight ass. JAFFA KREE!

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