Monday, 2 September 2019

Movies: The Informer (15), Zero Dark Thirty (DVD – 15), The Mask (DVD – 12) & Zathura (DVD – PG)

The Informer (15) – what’s it about? An FBI informer ends up going back to prison to help take down a crime boss and all doesn’t go according to plan.

I thought I’d go see this as where it looked alright and I have to say it was pretty good going, its not amazing but the story kept me entertained throughout. The story was well thought out and quite compelling, so it’s definitely got that behind it. It’s all about the crimes and prison life so if you find this interesting and like a bit of grit in your movies then you’ll probably like this one.

Rating: ***

Zero Dark Thirty (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? The tale of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

I’m not sure with this one how much is truth or how much is just story written by the Americans to make the story into a good movie or make themselves look good. Yeah, its an ok movie, a bit of a CIA mystery with a bit of military and action thrown in. The story is interesting as where it focuses mainly around one agent and the people she comes into contact with, with them trying to find where he is located, which is not always done by pleasant means. Yeah if you like a good bit of America saving the day then probably check this out.

Rating: ***

The Mask (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? Stanley is a bit of a doofus but ends up finding a magical mask which gives him cartoon like powers.

I thought I’d give this a re-watch as I haven’t seen it in years and yeah its goofy and funny and has a bit of a storyline to boot. Good old Jim Carrey – you know with most his movies what to expect – they are over the top, loud but pretty damn funny. Yep this is amusing but some is a little cringe worthy as it really makes you feel sorry for the guy. It is a little dated now but still is a pretty fun watch if you like cartoony type humour.

Rating: ***

Zathura (DVD – PG) – what’s it about? Two brothers end up finding a magical game in the basement which sends them into space.

So this is the lesser known sequel to Jumanji, its very similar in that it’s about two siblings who find a game and it ends up sending all things chaotic until they complete it. This one though is a space adventure with aliens and robots rather than wild animals. Yeah its very similar in the feel and story but it is a good adventure film with some humour as well as a little suspense. Yep this is another one that is fun for all the family to watch, its not amazing but it is really enjoyable and a good little story, and if you or your young ones like sci-fi stuff then you’ll probably like this one.

Rating: ***

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Movies: Angel Has Fallen (15), Crawl (15), Jonah Hex (DVD – 15) & Die Hard 4.0 (DVD – 15)

Angel Has Fallen (15) – what’s it about? There’s another assassination attempt on the President and Banning gets set up.

Ok so assuming you’ve seen the previous movies in this series you’ll know exactly what to expect, something bad happens to the President and then Mike has to try to save the day in some way, shape or form. In the beginning of this one there’s not much new in the sense of it’s the same story re-hash, then it gives a bit more, where its Mike in the firing line and he must solve who’s set him up which is a bit different. Yeah this is as expected a good action flick, which is filled with violence, explosions, guns and all that jazz that make these films just a good watch. Yep if you like a good lot of action and a bit of story thrown in to give it something then this one is worth looking at.

Rating: ****

Crawl (15) – what’s it about? There’s a hurricane and it becomes a matter of survival for a father and daughter in gator country.

I wasn’t sure what to think of this, I’d seen the posters and I can’t even remember seeing an advert for it, but I just knew it was a survival horror about alligators and I thought meh this could either be ok or really naff. But yeah, I was actually really surprised by how good this film was, it had the right level of suspense which was kept up throughout – it was really nail biting. It was a bit gross in parts, a little too icky for my liking in parts which made me hide my eyes as I don’t really like seeing close up gore. Yeah, it’s a good survival horror, so if you are into these then definitely check it out. And remember rule 2…don’t get eaten.

Rating: ****

Jonah Hex (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? Bounty hunter Hex gets paid to kill some old enemies who murdered his family.

I’d seen this years ago but couldn’t quite remember it and they had it cheap in the shop, so I thought I’d pick it up and give it a re-watch. So if you don’t know this is a movie adaptation of the DC comic, its quite nice to see something set in an old western style rather than modern times or somewhere else, so it gives a bit of a different vibe from most comic book adaptations. It’s got a bit of a story which is pretty unbelievable, but the characters are alright, and it has a bit of action. It’s not the best film though and I did find myself getting a little distracted from it, so I feel it lacked slightly as if there’s a good story or action I’m usually pretty entertained. I’d say its probably about a 2 ½ star film.

Rating: **

Die Hard 4.0 (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? McClane must protect a hacker from a criminal organisation that is set on destroying the world as we know it.

I thought I’d give this a re-watch to complete my Die Hard movie recent re-watch. If you’ve seen all the other Die Hard movies then you know the drill, this is an action flick where John has to save the day from some kind of attack, so by now you’ll either know if you love or hate them. I think out of all the Die Hard films this is probably my favourite one, which may be because it’s a little more modern than the others – making it less dated and the storyline is more up-to-date with modern situations. As with most of these films there is enough story to give the movie something but its mainly centred around the action – so there are lots of guns, violence, car chases and what not. Yep if you are an action movie fan and want to watch something where you can leave your brain at the door and marvel in its crazy over the top storyline then this will be right up your street. It’s probably really a 3 ½ star film.

Rating: ***

Monday, 26 August 2019

Movies: Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (18), Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (15), Ghost Rider (DVD – 15) & The Punisher (DVD – 18)

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG) – what’s it about? Dora’s parents go missing whilst they are exploring, and Dora and her new school friends must try to find them.

I used to watch this on occasion with my nieces and nephews and it was pretty annoying, but the film looked like it could actually be amusing. It kind of reminded me loosely of the Jumanji remake, and by that I mean where it’s a group of teenagers who end up stuck in the jungle who really shouldn’t be there. It had a few moments in it that made me laugh, not completely lol but a little chuckle to myself and in general its actually a positive movie. I have to admit by the end of it I wanted to sing and dance. Yeah if you want something with a little humour to pass the time or you have younger ones who want something fun to watch then this may be worth checking out.

Rating: ***

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (18) - what’s it about? The story of a washed-up actor where situations in Hollywood unfold.

I wasn’t sure on this from the adverts, some of Tarantino’s stuff I like and some not so much. I think it is either going to be one of those you love or one of those you hate. There are loose links to situations and people from the era, and I think it does portray the life of actors and movie makers of the day and how things have changed from then until now. I’m though not a great fan of things set in the past or that have links to real life, but I did have some hopes for this one as I usually find Tarantino’s stuff quite good. That said I do like oomph to my movies and this imo was really slow moving and generally uneventful, it just seemed to drag on and take ages to get to where it was going. Yeah sadly it wasn’t for me, but I think if you lived through the era it may have a little more to it or if you don’t mind slower paced films.

Rating: **

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (15) – what’s it about? A group of kids take a book from a haunted house and terror unfolds.

I’ve had it in my head now that this was a remake and when I was watching it I was thinking I know this, and it turns out after a little research that it was a book which I must have read as a teenager. Yeah, I found it a good light horror movie, even though its set in the past its not like boring like some films as it’s got a good paced plot to it. It’s not too scary or jumpy or anything gross, its you know a little spooky but not over the top. The story was good as it had an overall story but also a bit of a focus on each of the sub-stories from the book, so it kept me entertained throughout. If you like a little horror in your life but not to be scared stiff, then this will be for you. I’m only go to give it 3*’s though as I didn’t jump once in it lol.

Rating: ***

Ghost Rider (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? To save his father’s life, Johnny makes a deal with the devil and becomes his bounty hunter.

I hadn’t seen this one for a while, so I thought I’d give it a re-watch as I remember it being quite good, and yep it was as I remember it. It’s a little cheesy but still good, Nicholas Cage plays Johnny pretty well and there is enough action and story that kept me entertained. I do remember there being a little more to the movie – but maybe it was just because the time seemed to pass pretty quick when watching it. It’s a good origin story, it’s not too dull like some and it keeps the pace throughout. It is a little dated now, but the effects aren’t like omg bad like some of the other early Marvel movies out there. Yep if you haven’t seen this and/or like comic book movies then it’s worth looking at.

Rating: ***

The Punisher (DVD – 18) – what’s it about? Jim’s family is murdered by a crime boss, so he goes on a mission of revenge.

This is a little while old now, you know from back before Marvel got really big and had massive budgets and that flashiness, so watching this don’t expect it to be in the same league as them. It’s a lot more adult too, its darker, more gritty and pretty damn violent, so it’s not one to sit the kids in front of, that said though I think if it was released now it may be a 15 rather than an 18 but that’s just my take on it. Yep it had enough to keep me entertained for a couple of hours, though the story isn’t too complex, but you have to keep in mind it is an origin story, so they can always be a little slow in parts. It has though got a good bit of action that makes up for it and there are still a couple of moments that gave me a giggle. Yeah, it’s not the best movie out there but I’ve seen way worse than this from the comic book scene.

Rating: ***

Monday, 5 August 2019

Movies: Angry Birds 2 (U), Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (12A), Green Lantern (DVD – 12) & Green Hornet (DVD – 12)

Angry Birds 2 (U) – what’s it about? The Birds and Pigs must put aside their differences and team up against the Eagles who are hellbent on destroying their islands.

I thought I’d go see this as I found the first one amusing. This is very much along the same lines as the first one so if you enjoyed the shenanigans of the Birds and Pigs last time then this one will be right up your street. It has some good humour in it – some that the kids will laugh at and some for the adults to laugh at. It has a little bit of story thrown in, its one of those easy watch cartoons so don’t expect anything too complex, it has a bit of cartoon action too so it’s pretty much fun for all the family. Yeah it’s a good film, its not amazing but entertaining enough to pass the time and give a giggle.

Rating: ***

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (12A) – what’s it about? Hobbs and Shaw are forced to join forces and stop the bad guys from releasing a virus on the world.

I’m not a Fast & Furious fan but I’ve been to see most of them as a friend really likes them, but I am a fan of Jason Statham films. All his films are usually completely unbelievable action movies but fun to watch and this even though a spin off is more of an action flick than a flash car flick. Its full of the usual which you expect from an action movie – lots of fighting, violence, guns, explosions and the obligatory car chases. If you want to watch a movie that is in any way believable this won’t be for you but if you want to watch a good action film that you can leave you brain at the door then totally look this one up. Just to note it is a spin off, but you don’t need to have watched all the Fast and the Furious movies to get it, as its pretty standalone.

Rating: ****

Green Lantern (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? After the death of a Green Lantern a new one is chosen to take his place, a human from earth.

I think I saw this when it first come out so its been a few years now, and I have to say its aged pretty badly, the aliens and other worlds are quite dated now so it just looks a bit cheap but the stuff on earth is pretty good still. If you’d like a bit of a bad superhero movie then this is worth checking out, just don’t expect it to be as high quality as some of the more modern comic book flicks. Its still a good movie, it’s just not amazing, it does have its moments that kept me engrossed as it does have a bit of action and some bits that made me laugh and smile.

Rating: ***

The Green Hornet (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? After the death of his father, Brit teams up with Kato to become the Green Hornet.

With this one expect more ham than a ham sandwich, yep this is a bit of a cheesy comedy based on the comic and tv series of the same name. It’s done by Seth Rogen so if you like his stuff then you will probably find this amusing, some is a little inappropriate but it’s not all really bad like some of his other films, its mainly corny so it’s really amusing. Yeah don’t expect a serious film with this one otherwise you’ll be disappointed, yep it’s a fun watch. I want to really give it 3 ½ stars really because it did make me giggle a lot but it’s definitely one of those that you need to be in the right mood for.

Rating: ***

Monday, 22 July 2019

Movies: Lion King (2019) (PG), Gods of Egypt (DVD – 12), Madagascar (DVD – U), Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (DVD – 18) & Gladiator (DVD – 15)

Lion King (2019 - PG) – what’s it about? Simba is destined to be King, but his evil uncle takes the throne, can Simba regain his confidence and save the heartlands from his evil ways.

So if you aren’t aware this is the remake of the Disney cartoon, and well I was kind of sitting on the fence with this one, it could be good or really bad. What to say about this one? The up to date CGI gave this a completely different feel to it compared to the cartoon. It did stay quite true to the original with most of the scenes and the songs, so the journey throughout it was pretty much the same. I haven’t seen the original in quite a while though but from memory there were a couple of scenes missing and I think a couple added. In all though it was a good watch, all round enjoyable really, if you are hardcore true to the original you may be disappointed though. I think this is really a 3 ½ star movie, and I think I’m being a bit tight only saying 3.

Rating: ***

Gods of Egypt (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? A take on ancient Egyptian mythology where Horus tries to defeat Seth and rise to be king.

So I thought I’d give this a re-watch as I hadn’t seen it for a while and I forgot how much I liked it, its one of those flashy films which has a bit of story and action. Now I really love ancient Egyptian stuff so I may be a little bias here with my rating, I’m not sure if others would give it one star less. I’d say if you liked the Mummy films or maybe even Prince of Persia and stuff like that then you’ll probably like this one as it’s got that same type of cheesy adventure vibe to it.

Rating: ****

Madagascar (DVD – U) – what’s it about? The adventures of the animals of the New York Zoo.

This was another one that I hadn’t seen in a bit so thought I’d give it another watch, I like Dreamworks stuff, they are usually pretty good films, and if you like one of their animated movies then you’ll probably like the others. This one doesn’t disappoint with the humour and story; the characters are pretty amusing and animals are always cute. Yep its one of those that’s a fun film for all the family and a nice easy watch which will give you a giggle.

Rating: ***

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (DVD – 18) – what’s it about? Jay and Silent Bob take a road trip to Hollywood to try to stop the Bluntman & Chronic movie from being made.

OMG its been years since I saw this, so when I saw it in the shop for like 50p I couldn’t resist picking it up again. There’s not really much depth in this movie so don’t expect to be enthralled by an epic adventure. If you like teenage boy humour or are a stoner then you’ll probably find this amusing, its one of those comedies that is just stupid really but really funny because of it (of course some of it is cringe worthy). If you’d like to watch something silly then this is worth a watch or a re-watch in time for the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot movie which comes out later on in the year.

Rating: ***

Gladiator (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? After being betrayed by the new Emperor, Maximus gets taken as a slave and made into a gladiator.

This is quite an old one now, but I remember liking it when I saw it in the past, so I thought I’d give it another re-watch and it is still a great movie. It has got a moving story, that will keep you engrossed the whole way through, and there is enough action in it to also keep you entertained, it’s not one of these epics where they just talk for hours and hours where you want the film to end. It was done really well, as it’s got a good mix for everyone and the effects in it haven’t seemed to have aged badly either. If you like your historical type movies that have a good story that will suck you into the world then I would highly recommend watching this one or re-watching it if you haven’t seen it in a while.

Rating: ****

Monday, 8 July 2019

Movies: The Queen’s Corgi (PG), Spiderman: Far From Home (12A), Midsommar (18), London Has Fallen (DVD – 15) & Ghost in the Shell (2017) (DVD – 12)

The Queen’s Corgi (PG) – what’s it about? Rex the Queen’s top dog goes on an adventure and ends up getting put in the pound, his mission is to find his way back to the palace.

The first advert I saw of this I thought it was going to be complete rubbish, the second advert made me think maybe I’ll go see it and well I’m glad I did. I like a good cartoon especially those that make me have a giggle. This is a film the young ones will love but also has a couple of bits adults will find amusing too. Yep if you’d like to watch something that’s a little light-hearted that’s a little easy going which is filled with cuteness and humour, then maybe look this one up, but if you’re not too fussed then may be wait until its available on DVD/TV.

Rating: ***

Spiderman: Far From Home (12A) – what’s it about? Peter goes on a school trip to Europe where he ends up having to battle against some villains.

I really love a good Marvel film so had been looking forward to this one for a while now but also trying to avoid all the information and spoilers online. After End Game I was hoping for something that was a little more upbeat and this one didn’t disappoint. Its filled with your normal Marvel action, story and humour, thankfully this wasn’t all too sombre even though in points it does touch the heart strings, but thankfully I was crying with laughter rather than sadness. Yep if you love your Marvel films be sure to check this one out sooner rather than later. Hey look spoiler free thoughts right there! But warning the trailer contains spoilers!!

Rating: ****

Midsommar (18) – what’s it about? A group of uni students go on holiday to visit a remote Swedish settlement where things take a sinister turn.

I thought I’d give this a go as from the adverts it looked like it could be interesting, I had hopes it would be cool with it focusing on some of the Norse mythology. It started off and I instantly thought this is going to be bad, and sadly I was bang on right there. I spent more time laughing at how weird this film was than anything else, it wasn’t scary at all, I wouldn’t even class it as a horror! It just had some really over the top gross moments in it to try to shock the audience (people left the cinema after the first gore scene lol). It kind of reminded me a bit of Hereditary but IMO it just fell flat, I don’t even know what to say, apart from I was so disappointed with it.

Rating: *

London Has Fallen (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, where an attack happens against world leaders at a funeral in London.

I decided to re-watch this as I hadn’t seen it in a while. If you don’t know much about it, then it’s another high-octane action flick which has a little story thrown in for good measure, don’t expect to be thinking in this one as it’s a leave your brain at the door film. It’s the usual that something goes bang and the President needs to be protected at all costs, so don’t expect anything too original as you know the drill – guns, violence, explosions and the struggle to survive. If you liked Olympus Has Fallen then it’s definitely a good time to watch or re-watch this one as the new Angel Has Fallen will shortly be released!

Rating: ***

Ghost in the Shell (2017) (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? Robotics has advanced to the point where a human brain can be transplanted into a robotic body and the government use this new technology as a weapon.

This is a live action version of the anime of the same name, I haven’t seen the anime in years so its hard to recall all the differences, but from what I remember the story resembles that of the original and there were some of the memorable scenes played out. It’s a good sci-fi/futuristic film which has a good lot of story and action in it. I think most sci-fi fans will appreciate it, but some of the hardcore anime fans may be a bit disappointed as it’s a remake of a beloved film. I personally liked it and think it’s worth a watch.

Rating: ****

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Movies: Toy Story 4 (U) & Hot Tub Time Machine (DVD – 15)

Toy Story 4 (U) – what’s it about? Woody and the gang go on a road trip where they must protect Forky – Bonnies new toy at all costs.

This is a continuation on from the previous stories after Woody and the gang are given to a new child. So by now with these films you know what to expect and this does continue in the same lines, though I’d maybe say its not as good as the previous ones but it’s still good and is close to them. Yep imo its another good story to the franchise, it gave some giggles, smiles and some heartfelt moments. If you liked the previous ones, then definitely check this out.

Rating: ***

Hot Tub Time Machine (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? A group of guys end up getting transported back to the 80s in a Hot Tub that’s a time machine.

So this was a random purchase which I thought I’d give a go, to most this would be classed as a boys movie but it was actually pretty funny and gave me a giggle, but then I like sci-fi and time travel stuff so it was an interesting take on the idea. Yeah, it’s your typical film where people go back and they must not mess up the timeline otherwise things could go horribly wrong in their present but some of the things they have to re-endure aren’t so fun. Yep if you’d like a giggle and grew up in the 80s too then this will probably be right up your street.

Rating: ***