Monday, 9 July 2018

Movie: The First Purge (15)

The First Purge (15) – what’s it about? The prequel to The Purge movie series, this is the story of the first Purge and how it all came to be a national annual event.


Ok so I love The Purge franchise, it’s one of my favourite modern horror movie series. What I would love to see from this franchise along with the coming TV series is a survival computer game – now that would be awesome! Anyway I’m getting distracted there, on with the movie review…so as a Purge nut I was expecting quite a bit from this movie, yes it was good, it was a little uneventful but then again the build-up is all part of it but what threw me off was what I’d call a plot issue. If I say what I want to here then it’s going to be a spoiler, but I need to say it, so you have been warned – incoming ***SPOILER*** no member of the general public should have been able to figure out the conspiracy in this prequel movie, that happens in the second and third movie, and it shouldn’t be in this which is technically the first one. So this made me get really disappointed in this movie real quick, because if people – even if just a handful of people lived and had figured it out then they’d totally be shouting it from the rooftops and then everyone would know and then the rest of the movies would be completely discounted. ***END SPOILER RANT*** Apart from that though it was a good movie, it had some good suspense and stuff, not as much killing as I was expecting which was a little meh but it was still a good watch and worth seeing. Yeah so this time for me because of the plot issue, its sadly not going to reach the four star mark – sorry Purgers

Rating: ***

Monday, 2 July 2018

Movie: Ocean’s 8 (12A) & Sicario 2: Day of Soldado (15)

Ocean’s 8 (12A) – what’s it about? After getting released from prison Debbie forms a criminal group to rob an annual Gala.

Man there was a lot of plastic surgery in this movie lol. Sorry I couldn’t resist that. It’s quite refreshing that they didn’t just try to do a women’s version of the original film like Ghostbusters, as in a full remake, it was much better this way with it paying homage to the previous movie without writing it off. It generally was a pretty good movie, a nice chick flick that isn’t all romance and all that lovely dovey crap – I think a woman would appreciate this movie more than a man though. Well it has got a good story, the characters are alright, and it’s pretty clever in parts, so yeah it might not be the best movie out there but it’s still a good watch.

Rating: ***

Sicario 2: Day of Soldado (15) – what’s it about? The drug cartels have upped their game with trafficking people across the border and the US government tries to tackle the criminal menace.

I was quite looking forward to this movie as the previous one was quite intense, and this one didn’t disappoint on that front. It hit the ground running and got straight into the story and built up nicely, it wasn’t too slow to start like some movies. It was filled with gritty violence and by the end I come out a little shell shocked by it as it’s more real-life violence rather than ‘comic book’ violence. When you think about it, deep down in your gut you know shady stuff goes on all the time in the world with gang wars etc, and even though its make-believe you know somewhere it’s got a dusting of dark reality hidden under its guise so it’s quite disturbing in some ways.

Rating: ***

Monday, 18 June 2018

Movies: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (12A) & Hereditary (15)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (12A) – what’s it about? A follow on from Jurassic World where some people yet again want to exploit the dinosaurs whilst the animal rights activists wish to save them.

I had to laugh as I went to see this and the people in the cinema had taken their kids which I’d say were 8 years or less – I’m talking like 5 year olds here, yes, it’s a 12A but bear in mind people in Jurassic Park/World movies do GET EATEN by freaking dinosaurs! Think people! And use a brain cell but anyway that’s on them and their kids having nightmares for like weeks lol. Yep it’s not a movie you’d take the real young ones too as its pretty dark and scary in parts, but if your quite dark like me you’ll be giggling at the misfortunes as people become dino-snacks. Well as a movie it’s pretty much what you expect, lots of CGI or rubber dinos running riot and people being nobs. It’s got quite a lot of action with a bit of story thrown in. If you like the Jurassic Park universe then it’s worth a watch, maybe just don’t expect to be completely blown away.

Rating: ***

Hereditary (15) – what’s it about? After the death of her mother, Annie and her family must deal with some spooky secrets relating to their family.

I went to see this because it’s the talk of the town, so I thought hey I’ll go scare the pants off myself and not sleep for a week. Well…well what a disappointment, now I can like a good horror movie (or not depending on how freaky it is lol), I’ve seen a few over my time and maybe that’s the case because I have, I have others to compare this too. There were a couple of scenes that were mildly jumpy and a couple which were a bit ewww but that’s about it. I was expecting to be completely freaked out and not be able to sleep or be completely disturbed by it, but I just came out like yeah that was ok, passed the time I suppose. It may be freakier if you don’t really do horror regularly but if you’re a big horror buff then you may come out a little meh. I’m only going to give it two stars as it did have its moments which were ok and kept me intrigued but overall it just fell flat.

Rating: **

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Movie: Solo: A Star Wars Story (12A)

A Star Wars Story (12A) – what’s it about? The story of young Han Solo and how he becomes the Solo we know from the classic Star Wars universe.

Welp I’m not sure if everyone will be happy with this movie. Its very modern in the way it feels, though it still has that Star Wars vibe but I just don’t think it’ll be Star Warsy enough for some of the hardcore fans. That said imo I thought it was a brilliant film, I wasn’t sure how good it would be, you know spin offs can be meh sometimes, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. The story was great, and it gave some good information that I’ve wondered about, and it was filled with a good dousing of action and humour too – well it had me giggling in bits anyway. I don’t really want to say anything that’ll spoil it so I think I’m going to stop here and just say, if your wanting something a little fresh from the Star Wars world then definitely go and take a look, just don’t expect it to be following the big story arch.

Rating: ****

Monday, 21 May 2018

Movie: Deadpool 2 (15)

Deadpool 2 (15) – what’s it about? Deadpool forms a new team of rogue mutants to try to stop a mutant boy turning into a big bad.

If you’ve seen the first Deadpool movie then you know this isn’t going to be your nice and sparkly family friendly Marvel superhero movie. This one is more of the same crude, rude, comedic violence and action which is filled with pop-culture references and a good set of laughs. I don’t really want to say too much as I don’t want to accidently say something spoilerish but yeah I’d say it’s as good as the first one which is cool – I never knew if it would make it to that level or not. If your a pop-culture buff and see lots of films and stuff you’ll pick up a lot of references as well as the normal humour of the film and pretty much be laughing all the way through, not so much crying with laughter but you’ll definitely be amused.

Rating: ***

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Movie: Avengers: Infinity War (12A)

Avengers: Infinity War (12A) – what’s it about? Thanos is on his quest to find the rest of the infinity stones so he can cull half the universes population.

I’ve deliberately left this a while to write a review because I didn’t want to accidently put spoilers in it. Well if you haven’t watched the rest of the Marvel movies then you may be left a little empty with not knowing all the characters back stories, but I’m pretty sure you can still enjoy it for what it is, a good action packed comic book movie adaptation. Anyway, that said it is a little different than previous movies, yes it’s still light hearted and comical in parts but at the same time you are left shocked thinking omg what’s next, so don’t expect to come out on a high like at the end of most of the Marvel movies as you get a nice conclusion. This is like a part 1 movie so you have to wait for the full conclusion to happen in a future film. It’s a great movie though with lots of action, some humour, with some good interactions and story, but all I’ll say is man the credits are long to sit through!

Rating: ****

Monday, 16 April 2018

Movies: Rampage (12A) & Truth or Dare (15)

Rampage (12A) – what’s it about? A gorilla ends up being super-sized and must protect Chicago from being squashed by a giant wolf and crocodile.

I was hoping this was going to be like a classic monster flick, giant creatures on the rampage and fun stuff like that, and it was but sadly there was a lot more of the not. It had a big budget so high end graphics and some well-known actors but it didn’t wow compared to films like Pacific Rims monster mayhem. Yeah its ok, you can just to leave your brain at the door and watch a bit of giant creatures smashing shit up, just may be don’t expect to come out super hyped.

Rating: ***

Truth or Dare (15) – what’s it about? A bunch of stupid uni students go on Sprint Break to Mexico and get caught in playing a game that kills its players.

So, this is one of those where you hope the entire cast gets killed because all the characters are so freaking annoying. It was ok, it wasn’t scary or anything of the sort and it wasn’t gory either, just your mediocre horror film much in the same vein as Final Destination, it was very predictable and there was nothing new or special in it. It’s something to watch to pass the time, but I wouldn’t rush to watch it on the big screen, it’s probably better sitting at home on the sofa in the dark with just your friends around you. 2 * is probably being way too harsh, it’s probably worth 2 ½ as it was ok just nothing special.

Rating: **