Sunday, 15 September 2013

Movies: Insidious Chapter 2 (15) & Justin and the Knights of Valour (PG)

Ok bit of a contrast in movies today but hey what the hell...

Insidious Chapter 2 - What’s it about? A continuation from the last movie…so more spooks and travels to the astral plane. It follows the same family from the first movie and characters in it. Are they who they say they are or are they not? Who is in the house with them and what are the spooks plans with them?…
It was pretty damn good, even made me jump in one part! It’s not a gore fest and is more psychological and you know spooky…great to watch in the dark rrrraaaagggghhhh but it is pretty predictable…hey that’s like most horror films if you’ve seen a few! All I will say is I wonder when chapter 3 will be released... check it if you loved the first but it can be watched if you haven' explains all!
Justin and the Knights of Valour - What’s it about? Well it’s a cartoon for starters about a young lad is about to be sent off to study law at law school...boring...who wants to be a lawyer? He has other ideas...he wants to follow in his grand fathers footsteps and become a Knight...they are way cooler than lawyers! The story follows him on his quest to become a hero and also to reclaim his grand fathers lost sword.

Well it’s a kid’s film so if you want easy watching, light humour and minimal violence then this will be for you. It’s not the best film in the world but not the was kind of average…lots of better other kids films out there with better stories but you know this one killed some time. There’s not really any adult jokes in it...what you see is what you get but hey it does have enough chuckles to keep moderately entertained.

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