Monday, 16 September 2013

Game: Stargate Command (Android)

Stargate Command - this game isn’t really a game more of an encyclopaedia of Stargate. Take a wander around the SGC etc and examine objects to find out information about them…it gives you a nice little picture and description of each item. It’s pleasant to wander around and take a look at the places first hand. If you like Stargate then this little freebie will be good for you, though for the full thing it comes with a price.

Stargate Golf - remember when O’Neill decided to have a game of golf through the Stargate? Well that is basically what this little game is! You’re in the gate room with your golf kit, line up your shot, set the speed and power of your swing and watch the ball fly. Aim for the little target to rack up points. It’s a fun little freebie to have a play with but if you want some action and excitement maybe try Stargate Unleashed instead, it’s good though for a little bit of time wasting.

Stargate Command and Stargate Golf:

Teal’c Revenge – this comes with the pack of Stargate Command but is only available to paying customers. It is a good little game when you get the hang of the actions...haven't had much time to play it but what I've seen I like - it has nice graphics and pretty sensitive. An android game to keep you occupied whilst bored...defiantly it is!

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