Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Game: Temple Run 2 (Android)

What's it about? Grab the idol and run like hell because you’re being chased by a giant monster...collect as many diamonds as possible to rack up points and of course some cool boosters which are fun fun fun. This is sounding awfully familiar…oh yes Temple Run. How far can you get without dying in some painful fashion? But don’t worry there’s no gore or blood in this little game so it won’t freak even the biggest of wimps out.

It’s a great little Android game and if you have the first you know what to expect, this one though has better graphics and levels. Free to download there is no harm in trying it, of course you can choose to buy things if you like but that is optional! The controls are simple, swipe the screen up or down, left or right and tilt the phone for a more gradual movement. It’s a really fun game that will keep you entertained whilst waiting for that bus, train or anyone that’s running late…don’t shout too loud though as you may get funny looks!

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