Friday, 4 October 2013

Movies: Byzantium (15 – DVD), Star Trek Into Darkness (12 – DVD) & Cradle 2 the Grave (15 – DVD)

Byzantium – what’s it about? Two female vampires and their lives in modern times, one filled with sorrow and torment for what she is and the other takes enjoyment and pleasure from her existence. They move to a new home and set up shop…a brothel…and it follows their experiences and relationships in their new lives and abode.

I’ve been dying to see this film since it come out in the cinema – but where I live sucks and it wasn’t shown anywhere near here booooo! I had really really high expectations for this film – come on it was done by the guy who did Interview With A Vampire…so yeah. Hailed as a female Louis and Lestat – these vampires aren’t Twilight muppets but...sadly it isn't that good - it’s nearly up there but that's a high bar for comparison! If you love vampire movies then you will appreciate this one beyond a measure and this is one you definitely have to see…if you’re not into vampires then watch it anyway but you probably won’t like it!

Star Trek Into Darkness – What’s it about? It continues on from the previous Star Trek (remake) movie – Captain Kirk, Spock and the crew continue their adventures aboard the Enterprise – mooching around the galaxy and this time tackling one of the best bad guys of Star Trek ever…

If you like the previous Star Trek remake then you will probably love this – if you hate this whole alternate timeline reboot then probably steer well clear. I personally loved this – it’s still at my number one choice for the year – its got action – geekness and well Klingons – and one word “FIRE!!!!” Yeah and that’s all I’m going to say so I don’t spoil it! It’s funny, graphically pleasing and good cheesy acting – you will have a few laughs and shocking wows during this one. If though you’re really into Star Trek and you want a bit of depth then you may be a little put down…don’t look too deep you’ve been warned – if you’re a major Trekkie or not then still check this…it’s well worth it!

Cradle 2 the Grave – What’s it about? Fait and his crew are thieves – they are hired to steal some uber rare black diamonds…they do but it’s all not quite as it seems when everyone wants the loot – it ends up a tale of martial arts, kidnapping and crime – with a tad humour chucked in for good measure!

Ok if you can look beyond the rap music – which is really really awful – then this is actually a pretty good movie – lots of fighting and martial arts…and of course humour – it definitely packs a punch! I love Jet Li he’s great – DMX though on the other hand…ugh. So it’s a love hate film – love it for what it is – but hate some of it because it’s damn annoying. Have a look though if you like action movies…

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