Thursday, 24 October 2013

Movie: Captain Phillips (12A)

What's it about? Adapted from the book, this is based on a true story and it tells the account of Captain Phillips and his crew aboard the Maersk Alabama which is seized by Somalian pirates in 2009. The story is from Captain Phillips perspective as he undergoes his traumatic ordeal at the hands of the pirates...

Well...what can I say about this one...should I first of all remind you how I really dislike true life stories? yes - but...yep there is a but in there - this one - this one was actually probably one of the better cinema movies I've seen over the last few weeks! I didn't get bored - I didn't look at my watch - which is a bloody good sign! This has a good balance of drama and action as well as story - and knowing its based on real life kind of makes it an emotional ride - don't worry though its not as traumatic as The Impossible - but this one is one true life movie I would definitely recommend seeing - its at there at the top of the true movie story list right now (I think)...

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