Monday, 28 October 2013

Game: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 (PS3) - Pre-Release Review

What is it? Lords of Shadow 2 is part of the Castlevania reboot series - it follows the story of Gabriel and previous games Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate…if you don't know what the series is it's basically about vampires, demons, monsters etc in a medieval fantasy third person action-adventure setting - and yeah killing bad things with sharp and pointy objects!!!

What did I think? Well I saw the trailer for this earlier on in the year and have been dying to play it since then - I only got to play about 5 minutes of this so it’s hard to give a full review on the game because that’s not long to play! What I will say is what I saw I very much liked - ok liked is probably the most understatement I could ever use - how about ooohhhhhh this is so cool and awesome and *jumps up and down* ooohhhhhh. It has superb voice acting and was aesthetically pleasing - yep the graphics were super nice. The characters moved and flowed well on screen and the buttons/game play was responsive and the combos were cool as hell. It was very much similar to the previous game(s) in the series - keep in mind I have only played LoS as I do not have a 3DS! I was taking part in a ‘boss’ battle and very much as always died a lot until I got my head in gear and in the gaming zone - figured out the buttons and what to do and then I was off - well apart from dying a lot - oh yeah. I very much can’t wait now for this to come out - I will definitely be in the queue to get my hands on this baby. If you love Castlevania series - if the rest of this game is as good as those 5 minutes then you will be drooling at this one!

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