Wednesday, 2 October 2013

TV Show: The IT Crowd (final episode)

What’s it about? The adventures of Roy, Moss and Jen continue in the IT department at Reynholm Industries. The final episode doesn’t fail to deliver with jokes and geekness – with Roy and Jen going viral everything goes a little unusual for the gang as they try to get themselves out of the situation!

If you like the series then watch this…or if you’re a geek then watch it – yes and I mean you – but sadly another great show has come to end…sad times…man I need some tissues this week! This is one of the few comedy and sitcom shows I like…actually there’s only two – but heh. If you haven’t seen it then check IT – but I ask you where have you been? …living in the cupboard?! trailer for this one as I appear to have broken the internet - better call the IT Crowd!

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