Monday, 21 October 2013

Game: Primal (PS2 – 16)

What’s it about? Jen…ends up getting pulled into the Nexus – where she has to help save the four netherworlds by bringing balance between good and evil…

It was released back in 2003 – so it's pretty old school now – so that’ll give you some idea of the graphics and game play – yep – its very Soul Reaveresc so if you like that (which you really should) then yeah you may like this! It has the cool switching between characters and as you advance through the game Jen – can morph into other forms to use certain skill sets – and of course Scree’s pretty damn cool too. Dude this is really fun – I’ve lost a good few hours of my life getting sucked into this world – if you haven’t given it a go then go do so or if you have then go re-play it!! I wish I played this back years ago when it came out...luckily a kind person reminded me of it a few months back – yay – the old ones are sometimes the best :)

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