Monday, 14 October 2013

Movies: Fifth Estate (15) & Blue Jasmine (12A)

Fifth Estate - What’s it about? Ever heard of Wikileaks? The website that leaked lots of stuff including government information?…well that’s what this movie is about – the people behind the website and how it came to reach viral status of leaked goodness.

How much of this movie is fact – I don’t know…it was interesting, yes interesting, very interesting – and I liked it. I liked the way they worked the computing and the visuals…ummm computing. It’s not a movie you have to see at the cinema though – probably best to wait until DVD! If you’re curious about the whole wiki and leakage and like real life stuff then you’ll like it – if not you probably wont.

Blue Jasmine - What’s it about? A rich woman gets taken down a few pegs, her husband was a conman – he ends up topping himself in jail whilst everything she has gets taken away from her. She has a breakdown and moves in with her working class sister…she tries to sort her life out.

Really they made this into a movie? How pointless was this film – damn pointless – it went no-where…I’m not kidding you. There was nothing – the story was pretty bad – and the end was complete rubbish – I can’t believe that these actors agreed to this! It’s probably ok if you don’t mind stuff that’ll turn your brain to goo and romance stuff but really I wasted two hours of my life – I can’t get that time back...damn it!

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