Sunday, 6 October 2013

Movie: Filth (18)

What’s it about? A cop who isn’t quite on the straight and narrow is going for promotion, as he messes with the heads of his co-workers and those in his life, his world begins to unravel around him.

If you like films like “Trainspotting” then you will love this one - its gritty and well damn messed up and sickly funny at times! Interesting to see but not something you would want to show the kids…this definitely deserves the 18 certificate it got. I wasn’t enjoying it too much but kind of got drawn into it by the end...I think - but I'd probably never watch it again! The trailer really gives you the picture of what to expect - it's basically an hour and a half of that …so here it is - if you don't like it then stay well away!

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