Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Game information: Nosgoth Q&A Broadcast

This wasn’t what I planned at all today but hey it’s more important because it’s about Nosgoth – hurrah!

On the evening of Monday 30 Sep 13 - Bill Beacham and George Kelion did a live Q&A session via Twitter/Twitch…if you didn’t catch it because life sucks and humanity enslaved you to perform the mundane tasks set – then never fear – you can now catch it via Youtube. Of course I have linked it below – would I make you have to endure going to Youtube and searching it out for yourself with all the clicking and the typing? Of course not!

Personally I thought Bill and George did a fabulous job of answering some questions which were posed on the Nosgoth forum and Twitter – and hopefully managed to shed some of those concerns people have…or maybe not. But yeah I thought it was great to have many things finally aired to the public…plus they had an awesome background too – yay!

Anyway - enough from me and more from them – here’s the recording of the live broadcast…

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