Monday, 7 October 2013

Movie: Life of Pi (DVD – PG)

What’s it about? An epic journey of a young mans survival of a ship-wreck – he tries to survive the lonesome journey stuck in a life-boat…with his only companion a tiger.

Ok what can I say about this movie…my initial thoughts was how can there be like a 2 hour movie about a guy and a tiger stuck on a boat? I didn’t really have any expectations or desire to watch this but…holy hell fire this is one of the best films I have seen in ages! – It’s up there with Avatar – yes I love that movie – it has blue people in it! This movie is moving and beautiful, it is truly a wonderful masterpiece…what the – yes I’m actually agreeing with the critics on this one – don’t have a heart attack! If want to watch something that is remarkably gracious…and well – an epic journey – then you HAVE to see this one!!!!! Watch it – do it, do it now! This was so so good…

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