Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Movies: Sausage Party (15), Morgan (15) & Absolutely Anything (DVD – 12)

Sausage Party (15) – what’s it about? Food is alive and it finds out the truth that once it’s out of the supermarket it’s going to get eaten.

This is rude, crass and basically about swearing, sex, racism and anti-religion – it sets out to try to offend as many people as possible. At first it starts off by trying to throw as many swear words at you as possible – which is pretty bland, it then moves on to tackle racial and sexual stereotypes etc – and imo it just falls flat. I did find the whole questioning religion mildly amusing but really there was only one part in it that made me lol. If you’re of the South Park mind-set you may find this amusing but it’s all been done before. 

Rating: :)

Morgan (15) – what’s it about? A synthetic human is questioned after she attacks one of her creators.

This one’s a little slow to start but it needs that to give some depth to the characters and the story. It is very thought provoking and the plot and idea behind it is very interesting. It is billed as a sci-fi horror, that said it’s more of a sci-fi drama imo as I didn’t think it was that scary. It’s very predictable but it’s still a good one, once again a Ridley film that doesn’t disappoint!

Rating: :) :) :) :)

Absolutely Anything (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? A school teacher ends up being given the power to do absolutely anything by some alien overlords and the fate of earth hangs in the balance.

A random Sunday afternoon movie, it’s one of those you leave your brain at the door and just sit back and watch – don’t think about it at all because if you do you’ll find things wrong with it and question the characters actions. Anyway yeah it’s a bit of the typical Pegg film, it’s funny in parts and silly in others but its good, so if you like his other movies then you should enjoy this one as well.

Rating: :) :) :)

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