Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Movies: Home (U), Insurgent (12A), The Gunman (15), Run All Night (15) & Hackers (DVD - 12)

Home (U) – what’s it about? The Boov are a race on the run and find earth as their new home, can Oh a Boov help his new human friend find her mum.

A little disappointed in this one, on seeing the adverts I thought it could be good or shite and sadly it was a bit more of the latter. It’s an ok story but it’s really kiddy, not one of those ones where you get a bit of humour in for all ages to enjoy, it was aimed at a young young audience. That said the voicing was alright and the animation was real good but yeah kinda meh.

Rating: J J

Insurgent (12A) – what’s it about? The next part to the Divergent series, this film continues where the last one left off and continues with Tris and her chums battling those who wish to destroy them.

If you liked Divergent then you’ll know what to expect as it continues on in the same lines, really enjoyable. Apparently though it’s different from the books so if you read them you may be disappointed but as someone who hasn’t I thought this was fab.

Rating: J J J J

The Gunman (15) – what’s it about? After assassinating the Minister of Mines in the Congo, the mercenary goes into hiding to be later hunted himself.

This is pretty cool, gritty and action packed it’s one that you’ll like if you like movies like Taken…worth looking at if you’re an action lover.

Rating: J J J

Run All Night (15) – what’s it about? A families mobster lifestyle makes Jimmy make some hard decisions about his life and loyalties.

Mobtastic – a gritty look at a families dark adventures, it’s a good one, with a good story and action, worth looking at if you like mob/gangster and action type movies.

Rating: J J J

Hackers (DVD - 12) – what’s it about? Teenage hackers Zero Cool & Acid Burns get caught up with the authorities after hacking a large companies system.

This is old school…phone boxes, pagers and roller-blades – it might be a little dated now but it’s still a great movie! It’s kinda of those wacky 90’s movies that you’ll either love or be like wtf.

Rating: J J J J

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