Monday, 9 March 2015

Movies: Chappie (15) & Unfinished Business (15)

Chappie (15) – what’s it about? The creator of the robotic police force – creates the first AI, who is set on a path of self discovery and survival.

This was great – it was a little disturbing in parts if you start to think about it – much like District 9 that its all kinda dark and you know deeper than you kinda expect…I nearly cried in this – so yeah be warned, it’s bloody good though…

Rating: J J J J

Unfinished Business (15) – what’s it about? Fed up with his job Dan decides to start up his own business and tries to seal the deal which will make or break his company – which involves tackling his previous employer…

This was a pretty average comedy – there was like one funny moment but the rest was kinda heh funny, if you like Horrible Bosses you might enjoy this one but yeah it’s kinda like its sucky little brother.

Rating: J JO

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