Thursday, 26 June 2014

TV Series: Stargate Universe (SGU) Seasons 1 & 2

What's it about? A team of explorers are forced to make a trip through the Stargate where they are propelled to an 8 chevron address and land aboard the Destiny - an Ancient spaceship set on a course on the other side of the universe - they are the wrong team and are not prepared for this situation - the story follows their struggle to survive and find their way home...

The question is do you love Stargate? Do you love Battlestar Galactica? Would you like to see a Stargate Battlestar Galactica style?...if the answer is yes - then you'll love this. If you want your Stargate to be Stargate then you'll probably be disappointed. This is a bit more adult than SG1 - a lot more story based - about the characters rather than aliens - and less humorous. The first season sets the scene - gives you character stories and backgrounds - the second season begins the more plot story about the now...sadly it was cut after 2 seasons - so it does leave you hanging but it's still worth checking out!!!! Do it!!!!!

Rating: J J J J


  1. Yep, I'm a Stargate fan. Both of the film, SG-1 (SG-1 TV movies included) and Atlantis. I've never seen Universe because Belgian television companies have never aired this series. reading your post I am now curious about this series. Ended after two seasons, that is a risk with so many spin-offs. Thanks for the review. Oh, and another thing, big Battlestar Galactica fan too, especially the series of the 70's (80's series was meh) and the new series (with the OMG sexy cylon six.) Woot woot: D

    1. You'll probably enjoy it then :) - it's not as compelling as the new BSG...but it's more that type of thing rather than SG1. I'm so glad you're a big fan of these series also - they rule! I so can't wait for the 3 new SG films...even though they'll be reboots. Thankies for the comment :D and yeah who doesn't want a sexy robot!