Monday, 30 June 2014

Movies: Mystery Men (PG) and Red Lights (15)

Mystery Men - what’s it about? A rag tag group of failing superheroes as they struggle to get recognised by the world – they battle to save a legendary superhero from the clutches of an evil villain and attempt to stop his evil plan *evil laugh*

It’s stupid – silly – and funny...ish. Superheroes are cool – but these ones not so much…but they are trying to help – give them some credit! It has some chuckles in it – but nothing hysterical…a bit of light comedy entertainment though nothing special.

Rating: J J O

Red Lights - what’s it about? Two psychologists who try to disprove the existence of paranormal abilities and supernatural forces set out to disprove the psychic abilities of an individual…

I wasn’t expecting much from this – thought it was going to be really naff and maybe a little meh – but it kept my interest – had some really good twists – and was pretty damn enjoyable…worth a look if you liked the sixth sense…it’s that type of movie…

Rating: J J J O

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