Monday, 7 March 2016

Movies: London Has Fallen (15) & The Kingdom (DVD – 15)

London Has Fallen (15) – what’s it about? The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, the world leaders gather for a state funeral in the UK and terrorists attack.

If you liked Olympus Has Fallen then you’ll love this one, it’s more of the same with its action and survival suspense. If you haven’t seen the previous movie though you can still watch it, as it’s one of those leave your brain at the door movies that you just watch for the action.

Rating: J J J J O

The Kingdom (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? A team of US government agents are sent to the Middle East to investigate a bombing.

This was a pretty interesting movie, it had the political side to it as well as the on the ground grittiness with the agents and their interactions with other agencies. It also along with its investigative side had some good action and suspense thrown in too, which made it on a whole a very enjoyable watch!

Rating: J J J J

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