Thursday, 21 May 2015

Movies: Mad Max: Fury Road (15) & Independence Day (DVD – 12)

Mad Max: Fury Road (15) – what’s it about? Max assists Furiosa to take some escapees to her old homeland.

This was a great continuation to the Mad Max post apocalyptic universe…it was a pretty fab action packed film – it didn’t let the side down, good little story but you know it’s the action that makes it. Definitely worth looking at if you like the previous Mad Max movies and I think you can even see it without seeing them as well.

Rating: J J J J

Independence Day (12) – what’s it about? Aliens invade earth; can humanity stop them and save the world…

Love this movie, love it, I’ve watched it a fair few times and it never disappoints – big action, alien invasion and a bit of a story to boot! If you haven’t seen it and love sci-fi and action then watch it, if you’ve seen it then maybe re-visit it, it’s worth a re-watch!

Rating: J J J J

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