Thursday, 14 April 2016

Save Nosgoth Campaign – how can you support the game?

With Nosgoth cancelled just under a week ago, I thought it was about time I posted something here to say how you, the community can help!

Since the news fans have taken the initiative to try to save the game.

The first thing as a Nosgoth or Legacy of Kain fan you should do is go and sign the petition.

The next is if you have any ideas for proposals that can be put to Square Enix is to join the Nosgoth Planning Group FB Group and make your thoughts known.

Thirdly, as a fan if you would like to remember the game, share stuff you have from it, information, artwork, videos, screenshots, fan bits, you name it, you can join the Legacy of Nosgoth Facebook Group.

Once the game is closed down and the official website is dust, the Legacy of Nosgoth FB Group will be establishing a website containing information, artwork, videos etc that have been released on the game, if you love the game then don’t forget about it!

What else can you do?

Post on forums and make your opinions known, be them the Official Nosgoth Forum or the Nosgoth Steam Forum, other game resource sites and get the word out there.

Post on social media, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc, get your opinions publically known and help the voice of the community be heard!

Use the #tag:

It doesn’t take two minutes to make a tweet or a post, if you like or love the game then let the whole world know about it!

And don't forget to keep playing to enjoy this game whilst it is still online!

Thank you for reading!

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