Sunday, 17 April 2016

Nosgoth: Save Nosgoth!

As I’ve previously posted on the 8 April 2016 Square Enix announced the cancellation of yet another Legacy of Kain title – that being Nosgoth.

This game was freaking amazing and it should never have been cancelled, once again the Legacy takes another hit and the world of Nosgoth is fated to be left to the ether.

I ask you to speak up and make your voices heard about your love for the game and why you think it shouldn’t be cancelled – take a moment to make a post on forums and/or on social media and let’s try to save our world! and don't forget #savenosgoth

If you like or love the game please sign the petition and make your voice heard!

Please join the Legacy of Nosgoth Facebok Group if you would like to socialise with those from the community and share your passion for the game. I will be creating a website shortly as a Nosgoth resource so please come and share your fanart, screenshots, videos, cosplay – anything Nosgoth related!

#savenosgoth #nosgoth

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