Friday, 8 April 2016

Nosgoth: The End Is Nigh

Just over 12 hours ago Square Enix announced the cancellation of the online multiplayer game Nosgoth.

The official announcement can be found on the SE Official forum and their website:

So the game will only be available until the 31 May 2016, with the official forums being taken offline on 14 June 2016.

I'm sorry it has taken me all day to actually post on here, but I've been a little preoccupied with crying my heart out and well actually being sick, yep that's how bad this has hit me!

That said I have been posting things in several locations, spreading the word, and of course talking to some of my Nosgoth friends about it.

One dedicated fan has created a Save Nosgoth Petition and I ask anyone who plays/played the game to sign it:

What to say? Well I've been very reserved in what I have said publically about the news of the cancellation of the game. But now in this article I may post some questionable things…

So where to start? I have had the pleasure of meeting both SE and Nosgoth staff over the last few years. I attended the community day events, saw them at events/conventions and visited the Psyonix offices, all of which I have very much appreciated and am very grateful for having the opportunity. Of course, as you well know I still can't really say much about these.

What I have learned over this time is that the people who have actually worked on the game have had an unbelievable passion for it, especially those at Psyonix. I really did not expect to see and hear such enthusiasm that I did.

I wholeheartedly can say that they, the actual staff behind the game worked tremendously hard, had absolute true passion and loved the game. The stories I heard actually blew me away, I never expected that. Yes, I thought they'd be like it's a cool game and we get paid to do this, but it wasn't like that at all. So I would like to truly thank the men and women who worked on the game, created the art, programmed it, and all the other stuff that goes into making a game. You guys, you guys worked your little butts off, and I really thank you for everything you have done.

I would also like to take a moment to say thank you to the wonderful Nosgoth community, I have made some great friends through this game, got to meet fans face to face and it is something I will truly never forget. The passion of the fans has been immense and everyone who I have come to know I will truly miss seeing in this wonderful world that the developers have created. And in hope, I hope our friendships shall remain and continue on for the countless years to come.

With all that being said of course Nosgoth had its fair share of bugs, actually quite a lot but the team that people don't get was very small, so things took time and sometimes way too long, and there are somethings I will never forgive.

Though I question the decisions that no doubt the higher ups had in the games development decisions, such as:

Leagues, because it's always good to throw money to the wind in hope that people will pay more money than you shell out, fans of the game said this was a bad idea since the beginning but no one listened! I truly think this contributed to the demise of Nosgoth.

Chests, put the stuff in a chest some people will buy it and gamble, others on the other hand won't. Take me for example, I've spent hundreds in this game, not much you probably think, but if all those goodies that were in chests were also available in the store at a higher price to buy for Runestones that figure would have probably tripled. That just doesn't go for me that goes for all the other countless Nosgothians who posted about it. Those who wanted to gamble could of and those who wanted to spend bigger bucks on getting them would have. And once again the big boys didn't listen!

My next big annoyance was the Launcher, no one wanted this and the damn thing never worked properly, this annoyed countless players and stopped a large pool of players being able to play or be able to play with friends and thus making them stop playing. Again what a complete waste of money and resources!

Advertisment, where was it? This clearly lacked and how were you ever expecting to grow a playerbase without it.

I can probably go on and rant for hours, but from the above you get my point. All it would take was them the guys up top to listen to the fans to get more support and probably money spent in game.

I ask myself now why didn't they just charge for the game instead of trying to do the whole free to play seen, and why don't they just change their business model now. And say hey, yeah we'll keep working but we're going to charge you £30 for the game with I don't know a membership fee to run servers after, like other games do. Have one server in EU and one the central America. I'm pretty sure loyal fans would quite happily pay this, I know I'd give you all I have to continue to play and see this game come to be released in some form!

Since the news yesterday I have been contacted by numerous fans messaging me asking if there is something we can do to save Nosgoth, crowd fund, kickstarter, us help Psyonix to buy the rights, sign petitions, people host the game on private servers so the game cannot come to an end, the list goes on. In truth I don’t know if any of this is possible but I ask you, SE and Psyonix to look and listen, for once in this whole experience, listen to the community and take the rest of your chance. We are here wanting this game to continue, allow us this legacy.

But who am I to question the authority? I am just the little fry, the gamer, the minority - the ones you didn't quite listen to – a Legacy of Kain fan.

So if you the readers have made it this far, you have read my views, my spiel, the crying words of a hardcore fan, and I truly thank you for reading.

And with all that said what's left to talk about? The future, the future of the things I personally had in the works, my personal projects and all manner of Nosgothic stuff I was working on or was planning too...

Well I am currently assessing some of my projects, my live action fan made videos I only started to make last weekend. The signatures I've gathered all the images for. The cosplay – and yes I WILL STILL BE a Prestige Alchemist for MCM London in May 2016 (the last weekend Nosgoth will actually online). But for now I am frantically copying and saving every piece of information I can on the game, maybe in hope to build a legacy of its own in some the moment I'm not quite sure what. For now I have decided to record every game I play from now on, even though I am completely crap at the game and I can't hit anything with having such bad FPS from recording, and I will at least post these on YouTube, for memories sake at least.

But I will say this, I will be here, playing to the bitter end, until that last moment when they press the off switch on the servers and I ask you to join me, the fans, in these last few battles as the end draws near.

And I think that brings my words to a close, so I just want to finally say thank you for reading and being there, listening and I say for now *Tyrant Hugs* to you all!


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