Monday, 8 February 2016

Movies: Point Break (12A) & Zookeeper (DVD – PG)

Point Break (12A) – what’s it about? Ex-extreme sportsman becomes an FBI agent and tries to take down a gang of crazy extreme thieves.

This is yet another remake movie, I loved the original so I was a little meh about this one thinking it might not live up to it. I have to say though it was alright, imo it wasn’t as good but it was still good in its own right. It’s worth a watch just for the crazy stunts and extreme sports.

Rating: J J J

Zookeeper (DVD – PG) – what’s it about? A Zookeeper tries to win back his love but in the process discovers the animals at his zoo have been hiding a secret…

This is one of those comedy love stories that makes you laugh and go…what the fuck are you doing with a weebit of pass the sick bucket thrown in. It’s pretty enjoyable and funny, worth a look if you have a silly sense of humour and like animals…even the kids will like this one!

Rating: J J J

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