Monday, 18 January 2016

Movies: Creed (12A), Room (15), The Revenant (15) & Iron Sky (DVD – 15)

Creed (12A) – what’s it about? Young Johnson takes up boxing full time and seeks Rocky as his coach.

If you have seen any of the Rocky movie you know what to expect here, though Rocky isn’t in the ring it’s still that type of thing, training, set-backs, more training and then a big fight, usual stuff really but still very enjoyable.

Rating: J J J O

Room (15) – what’s it about? After Joy was abducted 7 years ago and held prisoner in a room, she sets plans in motion for her son to escape.

This is one of those emotional movies, it’s really well written and acted, I felt for the characters…and yes I did cry a few times in this one! I did however find it was a little longer than it needed to be towards the end but that said it’s still a good watch. This is definitely not a happy film, so keep that in mind when you set down to watch it.

Rating: J J J O

The Revenant (15) – what’s it about? After being attacked by Native Americans, the frontiersmen must survive and return to their camp, one of which is left for dead out in the wilderness and he must make the journey alone...

This ones based on true events…it’s a good movie, well acted and a good mix of story, survival and action, though none of it is heart pumping stuff it’s still enjoyable. If once again a little depressing and a little longer than it needs to be but yeah worth watching.

Rating: J J J O

Iron Sky (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? Space Nazis, basically Nazis made a base on the dark side of the moon and come back to take over modern day earth …

This was a re-watch as I saw it when it first came out on DVD, so I’ve seen in twice now so it must be alright. It’s one of those movies that you have to take with a sense of humour; it’s over the top, completely unbelievable but good in that weird way that you shouldn’t really find it amusing but it just is.

Rating: J J J O

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