Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Movies: Pan (PG), Sicario (15) & Debug (15)

Pan (PG) – what’s it about? Peter ends up being taken from the orphanage to the world of Neverland where he must prove he is the Pan.

This is the beginning of the story of how Peter became Peter Pan rather than the later story as you know it with him meeting Wendy and fighting Capt Hook. So this is more of an opening movie, a place setter for future movies, and these are usually a little meh in parts. This is good though, enjoyable, it was interesting to see a little more of Neverland too and a few bits of information about Peter thrown in. It’s worth watching if you like the Peter Pan stories…though nothing will ever beat Hook!

Rating: J J J O

Sicario (15) – what’s it about? An FBI agent joins a special task force to tackle the war on drugs.

This is a pretty messed up, it’s all about Mexican cartels and drugs being smuggled into the US and the US taking a stand against it, bending and breaking the rules to get results…so with that said you can imagine that its pretty dark in parts. It’s worth seeing if you like crime and cop stuff.

Rating: J J J J

Debug (15) – what’s it about? Six hacker prisoners are sent to clear up the tech on a derelict spaceship…

I got this thinking yeah sounds interesting, when I turned it on to my surprise it was Directed by David Hewlett and starred Jason Momoa (if you know Stargate Atlantis you’ll know these are both stars from the show) so I was like OMG!. This was a lot more sane than “A Dogs Breakfast” which Hewlett also directed. It was an interesting movie, it’s kinda a sci-fi horror, it’s pretty low budget…more of a B movie, but it’s still good especially when you think about it afterwards.

Rating: J J J

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