Monday, 28 September 2015

Movies: Solace (15), Elektra (DVD – 12) & Kingdom of Heaven (DVD – 15)

Solace (15) – what’s it about? A psychic teams up with the FBI to catch a serial killer…

I can’t really say much without spoiling it, but this is an interesting one, if you like crime and serial killer type stuff then you’ll probably enjoy this, with the dash of the supernatural thrown in, in the form of psychic powers it gives it a little more bite than your average crime movie.

Rating: J J J

Elektra (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? Elektra is an assassin for hire, she chooses to protect her targets from The Hand rather than kill them…

It’s a bit of a girly super flick really, it’s alright but a little meh, yeah it kept me entertained but I found myself a little bored by the storyline and some of the scenes, just seemed a lot of poncing about really.

Rating: J J O

Kingdom of Heaven (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? In the 12th century, Balian travels to Jerusalem and becomes the cities defender when it’s attacked…

This one’s obviously about religion if you hadn’t guessed from the name of it, it’s very cool with its fighting and killing and in depth plot, it’s nice to see a film with a mixture of story as well as action, this one fills both cups!

Rating: J J J J

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