Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fandom: San Diego Legacy of Geekdom 2015

I was going to glump this with San Diego Comic Con but decided to give these guys their own light, because they deserve it! Though I can’t actually say anything about what was said but you know I just wanted to geekout for a minute...

Whilst at San Diego Comic Con 2015 I got to meet with the man himself, Daniel Cabuco, who was the Art Director/Art Lead for the Legacy of Kain series (SR, SR2 & Defiance). His work shaped the design of the characters, landscapes, murals and well basically anything you see in the Legacy of Kain universe. OMG he’s like a legend, a god, and a really top bloke!

I got to spend just under and hour with him, which was basically just me geeking out at him for this amount of time. I got to ask him some things that I was curious about and also he kindly brought along his original sketch book which had concept art for the character and mural designs in it. It was like looking at the holy bible of LoK. If you hadn’t guessed I just fangirled lots.

He then at the end of the time asked me which picture I liked most, of course to me it’s the iconic image of the Ancients creating the Pillars/banishing of the Hylden…he signed it, tore it out and gave it to me! I nearly died! Ok I basically didn’t stop jumping around squeaking like a child for about 10 minutes and held it for the rest of the day like a holy relic.

He was truly lovely to meet and added to the wonder of my trip! I want to thank him for all his work on my favourite series and continuing to remember the series, love it and cherish it the way he does!

On my final day in San Diego I had a massive treat; I got to head over to the Psyonix offices and meet the Nosgoth’s art team! OMG like yah! So I got to sit down and talk to the guys who designed the characters, maps, artwork and everything that’s shiny and pretty in the world of Nosgoth.

I was hosted by Eric Majka and Jason Newhouse, if you don't know Eric is the Art Lead for Nosgoth so makes sure everything that's created looks sweet, getting hands on with creating shiny things, as well as poking the rest of the art team with a really big stick j/k. Jason is one of the teams Concept Artists and is the one of the main men behind creating the cool ass skins, characters and the world and all the stuff in it, yes this is the guy that gave me such hell as not being able to see for at least two comic cons lol.

They showed me around the office, introduced me to the rest of the awesome gang, who were all fab peeps. They chatted to me for most the morning about various things Nosgoth related and stuff, yes I disrupted them from their work for that long, so sorry my bad if things are delayed lol.

These guys and the rest of their team were great, good humour and kindness, and hopefully I didn’t annoy them too much as I tried to keep my geekouts under control as everyone was working away but inside I was a screaming fangirl. All I can say is it was an amazing experience and one I am very very very please I got to have.

It was great to spend time with them and to get to see where all the vampiric things come from, it was all very very very fascinating. They were very kind to gave me a couple of signed pieces of artwork and bits which was absolutely amazing and awesome of them! I geeked out lots when I left the office as I’d bottled it up for so long, which involved me prancing down the San Diego streets, and yep there were some people that were clearly confused by this lol.

I’d just like to thank both Eric and Jason for looking after me and being such awesome guys, thank you for everything and your teams amazing work on Nosgoth, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to come in the future! Keep up the great work!

*End Geekout*

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