Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Movies: Cinderella (U), Fast & Furious 7 (12A) & Battleship (DVD – 12A)

Cinderella – what’s it about? Ella finds herself under the thumb of her cruel step-mother and step-sisters but after an invite to the palace that is open to all Ella is determined to attend.

Ok well this is Disney and Cinderella – do I need to really go into much more detail? Prince, fairytale and all that jazz…and yet another good remake of the story, it’s got big dresses and omg like girlie stuff :P

Rating: J J J J

Fast & Furious 7 – what’s it about? Deckard goes on a revenge spree after his brother was left comatose by Dom and the gang.

I don’t really like this Fast & Furious thing – they are just stupid imo, they’re just too unbelievable heh. I went to see this as it had Jason Statham in as I like his movies. It was pretty good though for one of those films, I quite enjoyed it and they made a certain issue be resolved in a class way rather than something lame, well done!

Rating: J J J J

Battleship (DVD – 12A) – what’s it about? Aliens invade and the Navy must stop them from destroying the world…people…stuff.

Hasbro toys, crap singer, aliens and movie with a large budget then you got this movie. AND yes even though it has the woman who sounds like she’s throwing up when she sings in it (which thankfully she doesn’t do in this movie) it’s a bloody awesome, cheesy, action-packed, all-round great movie!

Rating: J J J J

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