Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Movies: Big Hero 6 (PG) and District 9 (DVD – 15)

Big Hero 6 (PG) – Hiro, a genius kid befriends a life size inflatable robot, and this sets him and his friends on a path to becoming superheroes.

A good lazy afternoon kids movie – in other words not much thinking required. Its good its laughs, sad moments and all out fun, enjoyment for the whole family!

Rating: J J J J

District 9 (DVD – 15) – An alien race are stranded on earth, housed in slum conditions and are treated badly but end up finding an unlikely friend in the government.

This is shot in documentary style, it’s a good movie and even though a little rough around the edges it has some amazing effects, a good story, acting and all out alienness. If you haven’t seen and love sci-fi then go watch it!

Rating: J J J J


  1. District 9 it's a bit crude i loved the movie but someparts are just very gory the first time i saw it it kinda shocked me.the arm part was amazing but at the same time really creepy. Btw have you seen the thing (1982)?

    1. Yeah defo a bit icky in parts :) - OMG I haven't seen The Thing since the late 90's, might have to hunt that down!