Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Movies: American Sniper (15), The Bank Job (DVD – 15) & Chaos (DVD – 15)

American Sniper (15) – What’s it about? Based on the true story of Chris Kyle – it follows his life and career as a sniper for the US Navy Seals.

I set myself up to cry in this movie and I did shed a tear…it was a good movie though – considering it was a real life one and I don’t really like them that much it had enough in it to give the story and not be too depressing like some real life ones can be. It is definitely worth looking at if you like military stuff and true stories – and other stuff too as I don’t even like those genres and enjoyed it!

Rating: J J J J

The Bank Job (DVD – 15) – What’s it about? True story based on the Baker Street bank robbery that happened in 1971, filled with scandal, guns and coppers…

This was interesting – the fact it was real and what they got away with – how they managed it – unbelievable. Anyway – it’s a little slow in parts but it’s still ok…not as much action as the usual Jason Statham movies but still good.

Rating: J J J

Chaos (DVD – 15) – What’s it about? Two cops go after a bank robber…

Yet another Jason Statham movie, and the last of my Statham marathon. This is pretty damn good but I wouldn't say one of his best but no means the worst. It was enjoyable – and has a good mix of story and action but maybe not as action based as some of his others…if you like his stuff you'll probably like it.

Rating: J J J

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