Monday, 22 December 2014

Movies: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (PG), Dumb and Dumber To (15), & Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (DVD 15)

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (PG) – what’s it about? The third movie in the Night at the Museum series – the tablet that makes the exhibits of the museum come to life at night is failing – can Larry and co find out why and fix the problem…

This is pretty damn funny – if you like the other ones you’ll probably like this as it’s in the same style – stupid humour and comical stuff…pretty good all round – and they come to England this time – yay!

Rating: J J J O

Dumb and Dumber To (15) – what’s it about? Lloyd and Harry return 20 years on and go in search of Harry’s daughter who was given up for adoption…

Seriously WTF – WTF did I just watch? I just wasted that two hours and am never going to get it back. At points this movie nearly drove me to tears and that’s not cuz of laughter. FFS I had my head in my hands thinking someone please shoot me – maybe it was cuz I watched it after a good comedy so it made it look even worse – but I’ll never be watching it again to find out! This was probably the worst movie I’ve seen in like at least two years – it has truly made my top five worst movies list…ugh.

Rating: J

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (DVD 15) – what’s it about? Abraham Lincoln the President of America tries to stop the vampires that are trying to take over the country.

This is pretty cool – it’s based on the book and is kinda an amusing concept – when I saw this in the cinema I thought it was really going to suck – and not in a cool vampire way. That said I’ve watched it a few times now and it’s still good, good story, characters, acting and action really – lots of fights and stuff…and of course  vampires! Woohoo! Abraham Lincoln kicks ass!

Rating: J J J J

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