Saturday, 20 September 2014

TV Shows: True Blood seasons 1–7 (18) and Terra Nova season 1 (12)

True Blood – what’s it about? Vampires are out of the coffin – join Sookie and the denizens of Bon Temps through their life – for all sorts of violence and romping…

If you haven’t seen this where have you been? Buried in a bunker underground with no tech for like what the last 7 years? Anyway it’s a mix of violence…and a lot of humping…I’m not kidding – at least someone dies…well explodes or gets it on in every episode! If you love vampire movies and TV then this is worth looking at if you haven’t already…best scene “the fly scene” – if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m taking about! Anyway it’s a great show – I was a little disappointed by the ending – but overall it is worth a looksee..

Rating: J J J J O

Terra Nova – what’s it about? The year is 2149 and the world is on its last legs – teams are sent back in time (technically back in time to an alternate past) through a fracture where they set up home to give humanity a second chance…only problem is there are dinosaurs and stuff that’s out to get them!

This only ran for one season – and I have no idea why! It was a little slow to start but it was a bloody good series – I was so disheartened by the cancellation of this one. I don’t know how to describe this show…it has dinosaurs and I thought to myself when I heard of it that yeah it’s going to suck but I’ll give it a chance – and it was actually surprisingly well surprising. I’d maybe say you’ll like this if you like shows like – maybe Revolution or Primeval…

Rating: J J J J


  1. Just finished the second season of true blood last week.. (yeah I know, I'm seriously behind) 5 seasons to go. (why are there only 24 hours a day? I need more. lol) Yep, it's a good series, i'm hooked. Terra Nova, liked it a lot. Like you say, it's a shame there is only one season. Reason for cancellation was the budget. It was to expencive to make. I've just read on the internet that Revolution is also cancelled after two seasons. :(

    1. Lol you'll get there :) it stays as good all the way though. OMG you loved that show also - thankies for the info interesting to know the reason why. Oh no I loved Revolution that was also a fab show...all the good ones seem to get cancelled :(