Sunday, 10 August 2014

Movies: The Nut Job (U), Guardians of the Galaxy (12A) and The Legend of Zorro (PG – DVD)

The Nut Job (U) – what’s it about? A group of park animals are worried about surviving the winter – can they gather enough food in time???

This is really really a kids movie – if you see it as that then you know what it’s going to be like – a leave you brain at the door movie! I did like it – and it’s not too long in that you’re like when will this end…but it does kinda lack for adults…

Rating: J J O

Guardians of the Galaxy (12A) – what’s it about? A human criminal steals and orb and finds himself hunted by numerous baddies – and a rag-tag group of heroes (if you can call them that) are formed to stop the dark forces!

This is awesome! – A good mix of humour – action – story – and general comic-bookness! It’s got adult and kid humour – so everyone wins! I have to admit I didn’t really know much about it going into this – apart from I’d heard of it and seen the movie trailers – so didn’t exactly know what to expect – and it was a treasure! The characters are pure awesome – the whole thing is basically win! if you love the Marvel movies – you’ll probably love this one!

Rating: J J J J O

The Legend of Zorro (PG – DVD) – what’s it about? A continuation to the Mask of Zorro – the sword swishing hero steps up to protect the statehood of California

Again a good mix of story – action and humour – if you like the first you’ll probably like this one…kind of more of the same thing – so you know the drill! Baddies rock up and cause mayhem…goodie has to save the day!

Rating: J J J O

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