Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fandom: Hyper Japan – 27 Jul 2014

On Sun 27 Jul 14 – I went up to Earls Court London to check out the Hyper Japan convention – which is a Japanese culture event. It features everything from anime, manga, music, clothing, food, cosplay, games and cool stuff like that.

The event itself was well organised – queue wise etc – well laid out – and very spacious…really well planned and organised…though I did go on the Sunday which was less chaotic than the Saturday apparently…the thing that put me off on the Saturday was that everyone was kicked out of the event for two hours over lunch time…which seemed a little meh to me.

I didn’t really get chance to look at the stalls and stuff too much though – but from what I saw the things you could buy were very cool. The music they had going on was absolutely great – there was a really interesting talk on robotics I listened too…and one on Japanese wrestling which was a little strange lol.

The main thing I went for was the cosplay (and to see friends) there were some absolutely fantastic costumes – and I met some really awesome and friendly people – such a great community! There were two cosplay stage performance/shows – one was an international competition – and the other was an event parade…it was a good couple of hours of seeing people do some great skits – in awesome costumes!

…I hung out with Marmite_666 who made an awesome Prophet cosplay and we had a bit of a scuffle...

...and yes I had great fun scaring the hell out of people in and around London lol...

If you’re into Japanese culture – or just fancy and different day out – then I’d recommend attending this event – it’s not too extortionate (though the food is a bit pricey) – and it is a fun day for all the family...

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