Monday, 26 May 2014

Movies: X-Men: Days of Future Past (12A), Godzilla 2014 (12A) & Solaris (DVD – 12A)

X-Men: Days of Future Past – what’s it about? Wolverine is sent back to the past to try to stop the events of the future from happening...can he change the future????

Dude this is X-Men - and it's eXcellent :D - these movies are soooooooo cool - definitely go and see this one if you liked the others - you like comics - the super-hero movies - or just because it's epic!!!! Need I say more!?! Can't really say too much without spoiling it - but hoping there will be more to come! - go forth and watch - and evolve mutant powers whilst there...

 J J J J J

Godzilla (2014) – what’s it about? Giant ancient monster battles against some other giant monsters and humanity tries to deal with the situation – and not get squished in the process…

Giant monsters – battling giant monsters! This was a great Godzilla movie – though I agree that Godzilla really needs to go on a diet…that said – great graphics – average story – but it has one! Lots of action type stuff – destruction – nice acting – all round shineyness…just don’t think about Chewits!

Rating: J J J J

Solaris – what’s it about? A psychiatrist is sent to investigate the crew of an isolated space station around Solaris…as things are a little bit weird…

Meh yeah this was really long – considering it’s quite short I felt like I was the one stuck in space…though an interesting idea for a plot – sci-fi – yeah I love sci-fi – this wasn’t that thrilling.

Rating: J O

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