Monday, 7 April 2014

Movies: Divergent (12A), Noah (12A) & Unbreakable (DVD – 12)

Divergent – what’s it about? The world is split into factions – at her aptitude test Tris finds out that’s she’s a Divergent…whilst discovering what it means to be Divergent can she stop a plot by one of the factions…

It’s an interesting post-apocalyptic world…intriguing concept – though the movie is pretty teen…so you kind of know what to expect…tragedy – love – impending-doom – love…it’s not like Twilight though – as it has some good action scenes! Some bits were a little meh but other bits made up for it…a good mix…yeah I’m pretty sure I liked it quite a lot.

Rating: J J J J

Noah – what’s it about? A man is chosen by the creator to save the innocent from an apocalyptic flood…

A pretty cool version of the bible story – but I can understand why some religious people are getting a monk on about this one…sorry that was bad. I liked it – its more fantasy style gave the story a fresh approach – not amazing but better than good! My thought was “gonna need a bigger boat!” ...I can’t post the others!

Rating: J J J J

Unbreakable – what’s it about? A man survives a tragedy which leads to him discover something about himself…something that sets him apart from ordinary men – will he become a hero?

This is kinda a thriller – but it was pretty bland…it was alright – but nothing special…the story was interesting – the thought of it was good…but I don’t know – there wasn’t much to it and it was pretty dingy and depressing in parts…

Rating: J J (probably really 2 ½)

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