Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Movies: RV: Runaway Vacation (DVD – PG) & Pacific Rim (DVD – 12A)

RV: Runaway Vacation  What’s it about? Bob and his dysfunctional family take a vacation in an RV – it’s not the lifestyle they’re used to and they meet all kinds of weirdos on the way…

What to say about this movie? What to say? It was pretty much predicable – but it made me chuckle in parts – but not all out haha I’m dying here. It’s slap stick comedy – so funny – rather than just crudeness – oh but it does have a lot of toilet humour. I don’t know but I just kinda felt it was lacking…something…but still better than a lot of comedies that are about!

Rating: J J (probably more 2 ½) 

Pacific Rim – what’s it about? Aliens invade earth – but they’re not your normal aliens – the break through from the bottom of the sea – and are kinda more monster than alien…massive monsters. Pilots of massive mech warriors are the only thing that can stop them from destroying life on the planet and claiming it for themselves…

This film – I raved about it when I saw it in the cinema – twice – and I’m going to again! I LOVE this movie – what more do you want than giant mechs vs giant monsters??? Great graphics – amazing actions scenes…lots and lots and lots of action…a bit of story – I would LOVE to know more about this universe – it’s EPIC!!!!! See it now if you haven’t already!!!!!

Rating: J J J J J

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