Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Movies: Need For Speed (12A) and The Fourth Kind (DVD – 15)

Need For Speed – What’s it about? Based on the computer games – street racer Tobey is framed and sent to prison…upon his release – he plans to enter the biggest race going – and set out to prove what really happened!

Its cars…racing…bit of a story…some annoying people…really long for what it was…but still not the worst movie I’ve seen! It was pretty enjoyable – leave your brain at the door type thing…depending what you like – will depend how much you’ll get out of this one. Afterwards I wanted to go drive a car really really really fast...

Rating: J J J

The Fourth Kind – What’s it about? Alls not well in Alaska…for the past 40 years people have been experiencing strange things and going missing…this is unsolved story of Abbey and her ordeal…

Note to self…never move to Alaska – beware of owls – be afraid of alien abduction! That said this one wasn’t as spooky as I thought it was going to be. It’s been one I’ve been dying to see but I was left a little meh…it was interesting – and enjoyable – just you know not as compelling as I’d hoped!

Rating: J J J

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