Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Movies: 300 (DVD – 15), 300: Rise of an Empire (15), and Escape from Planet Earth (U)

300 – The Persians attack Greece and King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans stand ready to stop them from conquering the land.

Bloody, graphic and brutal – this film is EPIC – swords, spears and shields clash as this awesome violent tale unfolds…there is a hint of mysticism thrown in for good measure – oh and of course not forgetting men in tiny little pants! The movies a fresh approach – shot beautifully…it’s just damn all round NIIIICCCCEEEEEEEE!!

Rating: J J J J J

300: Rise of an Empire – Themistokles leads his forces against the oncoming onslaught of the Persian empire…

If you liked the first one – you’ll probably like this one too! – saw these as a double bill so it was pretty damn epic!! A lot of people say this one isn’t as good…but I thought it’s only by a fraction. The first was a whole new experience – so you know how would they live up to it? Doesn’t let the side down again for beauty – violence – blood and epicnessnessnessness!

Rating: J J J J

Escape from Planet Earth – Scorch – an alien astronaut responds to an SOS from a dangerous planet – and goes to save the day…

Come on even for a kids movie you know it isn’t going to go that smoothly…’cause alls not what it seems. This had blue aliens – come on blue aliens – that’s just cool…space-ships and general sci-finess…what’s not there to love? Yarp it’s another cartoon – but it was really cool…gave a lot of laughs as well as general alieness…the plot was good – even if the end kind made me want to barf…

Rating: J J J

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