Thursday, 20 February 2014

Movies: Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy (U) & The Monuments Men (12A)

Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy - Zarina steals the Blue Pixie Dust after being relieved of her dust keeping duties – and allies herself with pirates – can Tink and her chums save the day before these pirates getting airborne?…

It’s a kids movie – cartoon – not really got much adult humour – but it was a lot better than some of the other movies I’ve seen recently – wasn’t bored or looking at my watch – nice to have explanations as well for the later Peter Pan stuff. Enjoyable for all – unless you’re a hardass who doesn’t like a good NICE movie lol…but I thought it was pretty cool and liked it!

Rating: J J J

The Monuments Men - What’s it about? A group is formed in World War 2 to locate, capture and return artworks which have been stolen by the Nazis…

This is based on a true story and though I completely respect and commend the men for their actions and laying down their lives…I found this movie pretty meh. That said I don’t really like war films or true stories so yeah it was kind of expected, though at points it had its moments and parts made me chuckle it wasn’t as funny as the trailers made out, obviously it was a serious film! It was quite emotional in parts and I kind of come out a bit too depressed…if you like WW2 stuff and true life movies you’ll probably love it…in my book not the greatest but by no means the worst movie going…

Rating: J J

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